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Our bases and routes

The team of Saône Plaisance, fluvial rentals of boats without a license, welcomes you to the Port of Savoyeux, near Gray (70, Haute-Saone) in Franche-Comté.

You have the possibility to embark for your cruise in the ports of Savoyeux or Louhans (71, Saône-et-Loire) in Burgundy following the route you have chosen.

The one-way trip is an additional service that can not be guaranteed. Contact us for confirmation by phone forty-eight hours before the departure date.

You have never sailed?

Saône Plaisance welcomes you to the Port of Savoyeux, near Gray (70, Haute-Saone) in Franche-Comté.

Upon arrival at the base, our hostesses will inform you about the particularities of your cruise (good addresses, interests, specialties, curiosities, refreshment points, ...).

Our technicians will introduce you to your boat, introduce you to its handling and answer all your questions.

Throughout your cruise, technical assistance is provided free of charge.

Is there a permit?
No, you do not need it. When your boat is taken, a flight instruction will be given to you and a pleasure card will be given to you. So you can navigate safely.

Is driving difficult?
Not at all! Already after a few minutes, you will understand the easy operation of our boats. A throttle lever (forward and aft), and a rudder are the only controls necessary for handling the boat.

Children and security?
No problem! Our boats are intended for families. We advise you to wear the lifejackets to the children during the passages to the locks for more security. You will soon see that your children will not be the last to understand the joys of this holiday!

And my pet?
Dog, cat, bird and others are welcome. Attention in the ports, you are responsible for driving your companions. A modest supplement will be requested upon boarding. Yorkshire or Great Dane do not take the same place, think about it when choosing your boat!

Which time of year to choose?
From April to October, each season reveals its assets and its charms. If you have the possibility, avoid school holidays; but the vast river network from our bases allows you to navigate without a stop!

Going through the locks, is it difficult?
Not at all. In most cases, a lockmaster will be there to get you through the lock. Do not hesitate to engage in conversation, it is in these moments that we will reveal the secrets of the region! All necessary information is shown on the river map that we will give you upon your departure.

Where can I park?
All over ! Apart from rare forbidden places mentioned on the map, you can moor wherever you want! In a port or landscaped, you are free to have an aperitif or spend the night in the place you like.

Meals on board?
You are autonomous! The boats are equipped with a kitchen, where you can simmer your favorite dishes. If you prefer restaurants, the regions crossed will satisfy your expectations gourmets!

And hygiene?
All our boats are equipped with cabin or separate bathroom rooms with WC, shower and washbasin. In addition, you also have a hot water tank.

The bedding
We have planned everything. Each boat is equipped with duvets, blankets, pillows, etc. At your departure, a clean game per bed is given to you.

Can we fish?
Of course ! Franche-Comté is a paradise for fishermen. Pikeperches, carps, eels, pike, etc., all tastes are in our rivers. "Pêchepacances" cards (valid for two weeks, from 1.6 to 30.9) are available at fishing shops, local companies and tourist offices.

Initially, your boat is full of diesel. On your return, we complete the fuel and we charge you the quantity consumed. The price of the fuel is fixed according to the tariffs in force at the time of the surrender of the boat.

Water on board
Each boat is equipped with a drinking water tank of 250 to 1000 liters depending on the model. The full is done at your departure. With reasonable use, you will not need to fill it every day. On river charts, water points in ports and locks are mentioned; the full costs on average 2 €.

The gas
The stove, the heater and the water heater run on gas. When you leave, the bottle is checked and a reserve bottle is also on board. The system is regularly monitored; you can navigate safely.

Is there heating on board?
Of course! If you need it, which is rather rare in summer, all our boats are equipped with forced air heating.

Is there electricity on board?
All our boats are equipped with a 12V plug and a radio with USB plug. To recharge your camcorder or cell phone batteries, most ports offer 220V outlets near the boat. Our stars are equipped with 220 V shore power.

And in case of breakdown? If, despite our technical checks at each location, you should have a problem, a hotline is at your disposal and a technician will be sent to you as soon as possible. Call us imperatively, even for the smallest breakdown or the smallest discomfort.

Which boat to select?
Very simple ! In this brochure, a detailed description of each boat allows you to compare them. In addition, a map of the interior reveals the configu¬ration of the different rooms. For your convenience, the maximum capacity of passengers on board is indicated by this pictogram.

For more comfort, we advise you to take into account the number of people reported in blue color.

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Recommended routes

In order to facilitate your organization, we propose you some ideas of course of different durations. Of course, you can compose your cruise at your leisure.

Savoyeux - Louhans one way 1 week
We take care of conveying your vehicle to the arrival base.
Savoyeux - Saint-Jean-de-Losne and return 1 week
Savoyeux - Corre and return 1 week
Louhans - Verdun-sur-le-Doubs and return 1 week
Louhans - Mâcon and return 1 week
Savoyeux - Besançon round trip 2 weeks
Savoyeux - Fontenoy-le-Château 10 days
Savoyeux - Dijon and return 10 days
Louhans - Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune and return 10 days
Louhans - Dijon and return 10 days

Let yourself go over the water ...

It's so good to live aboard a real floating house where everything has been planned to make your life enjoyable.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any information on 03 84 67 00 88 or by email.