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Saône Plaisance, fluvial rental of boats without a license, welcomes you to the Port of Savoyeux, near Gray (70, Haute-Saone) in Franche-Comté.

Throughout your cruise you can discover according to your route: Savoyeux, Chalon-sur-Saone, Louhans, Auxonne, Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, Tournus, Saint-Jean-de-Losne, Port-sur-Saone, Gray, Fontenoy-le-Château, Corre, Scey-sur-Saône, Besançon ...

A wonderful navigable area with peaceful streams,
fishy and so welcoming.

Green tourism

Between ubiquitous forests and green pastures, between prestigious vineyards and wheat fields, discover deep France, its local products, its inns, its great wines and its gastronomy.

Cultural Heritage

Cities and villages with a rich history of historical and architectural memories of all ages await you there.
In addition to renting boats without a license, Saône Plaisance organizes the holidays of your dreams along the water.
We offer complementary services that will make your cruise even more sweet!

  • Transfer of your vehicle,
  • Closed parking,
  • Bike rental,

Terms of Sales

1. Reservation

Upon receipt of the booking form duly completed and signed, accompanied by the deposit of 40%, a confirmation will be sent to you. Your balance will be paid one month before departure. For bookings made less than six weeks before departure, the renter must pay the full amount at the time of booking. For any stay booked, 35 € of fees will be charged. This includes the navigation guide, the logbook, and the access card to the database.

2. Support

The tenant must be at least 18 years old. SAÔNE PLAISANCE (S.P.) reserves the right to change the port of embarkation or disembarkation, to reverse the direction of one-way cruises, without cause of cancellation. River navigation is subject to constraints beyond the control of S.P.: bank repairs, dredging of canals, periods of unemployment, floods, drought, etc. The company S.P. reserves the right to limit the sectors of navigation in case of interruption of cruise beyond its control. The boat is taken over by the tenant when the balance has been paid and the deposit deposited. At this time only S.P. will give the tenant a boat in perfect condition to sail, equipped and insured in accordance with the laws and regulations published by the competent authorities for the intended category of navigation. S.P. will issue to the tenant on behalf of the authorities, a pleasure card authorizing the tenant to sail with the boat on the canals and rivers for a specified period.

3. Use of the boat and responsibilities

The renter undertakes to use the boat normally, in accordance with the regulations of the Navigation Services, the Police and the French Gendarmerie. The boat can not be piloted by a minor. The renter will receive instructions and training necessary for the boat's handling when taking control of the boat. S.P. reserves the right to refuse the provision of the boat if the skipper does not appear to him to have sufficient competence, or for any other reason of which she is the sole judge. In this event, the tenant will see his contract terminated and the paid sums returned, less the fee for handling fees, without either of the parties being able to claim damages. The tenant agrees to use the boat only for the manifestation of yachting, any trade operation, professional fishing, transport, advertising or other, being totally excluded. The renter also undertakes to embark only the number of persons authorized on the boat. S.P. declines any liability in its capacity as shipowner due to a lack of these prohibitions. The tenant will answer alone, vis-à-vis the navigation services, lawsuits, lawsuits, fines and confiscations incurred by himself if there is involuntary or voluntary fault on his part. The towing of a boat, the navigation of night in sea waters, the subletting and the loan are rigorously forbidden.

4. Cancellation plan

The tenant must subscribe a cancellation plan. The plan covers up to the amount of the rent, on the date of registration by S.P., of your definitive reservation. For the plan to be valid, the renter must indicate the complete crew list and pay the entire cancellation plan.

The plan covers the following cases:

  • serious illness requiring immobilization in the room,
  • aaccident prohibiting any travel by its own means,
  • ddeath of one of the crew members or one of his close relatives: spouse, father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, son-in-law and daughter-in-law,
  • serious damage to your home,
  • job transfer,
  • redundancy (extended to all other crew members).

The origin of such an event must not be earlier than the date of reservation. Any cancellation must be the subject of a written declaration addressed to the Company within five days of the event, accompanied by supporting documents relating thereto (work stoppage, medical certificate, death certificate, etc.). . The cancellation plan supplement is never refunded. The Company reserves the right to determine whether the nature of the facts described falls within the scope of the cancellation plan. In case of cancellation, the fee is 35 + the amount of the cancellation insurance.

5. Cancellation

If the renter has not signed a cancellation plan, when a cancellation is made more than six weeks before the date of departure, S.P. will retain 20% of the rental amount. In all other cases, the customer remains responsible for paying the full cost of the rental.

6. Accident and loss of equipment

In case of damage or accident, the tenant is obliged to warn urgently the Company which will give all necessary instructions. The tenant will refrain from any initiative that would not be dictated by the urgency. The deprivations of enjoyment resulting from the damage occurred during the hiring will not be the object of any refund or compensation, whatever the cause of the damages. The renter is required to report any loss or theft and any damaged equipment upon return to the base. S.P. reserves the right to charge any missing item on the boat.

7. Technical assistance and breakdowns

The Company undertakes to intervene for any technical assistance and this during working hours and 7 days out of 7 during the season, the Company will intervene quickly, depending on the availability of personnel and equipment. If the tenant is in the event of a breakdown, he must contact the Company immediately, so that the repair can be done. Under no circumstances may the tenant make a claim or ask for compensation from S.P. as a result of a grounding, mechanical breakdown, or whatever it may be. If such an incident is due to the inattention of the tenant, the Company reserves the right to claim from the tenant all expenses incurred to restore the incident.

8. Limitation or interruption of the cruise

SP declines all responsibility for any expense or loss of time caused by a cruise interrup¬tion or limitation of journey while it is the responsibility of the tenant, whether for a closing of the waterways, repairs, strikes , floods, drought, or any other cause.

9. Insurance

S.P. insures the boat and its equipment and the renter's liability as a pilot of the boat to third parties excluding persons on board. Although the renter is responsible for each damage, this liability is limited to the amount of the security deposit paid to S.P. at the beginning of his cruise. The insurance of S.P. does not cover the personal property of the tenant and accepts no responsibility in the event of losses or damage to the property of the tenant and this whatever the cause.

10. Description of the boats

The description, specifications and plans of the boats in the brochure have been created as an indication. Some boats of the same series may have some minor differences.

11. Return of the boat

The boat must be released on the last day of rental at 9 o'clock. S.P. reserves the right to charge each hour late after 9:30 am for any delay or non-return of the boat to the intended base.

12. Law applicable to the contract

Our rental conditions are in accordance with the charter of fluvial tourism. In case of dispute, only the Court of Gray 70100 will be competent. The law that applies to this contract will be French law.

13. Boarding points

S.P. reserves the right, for operational reasons, to change the place of embarkation or disembarkation, to reverse the meaning of simple journeys, to change the simple journey into a return trip or viceversa.

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